Add Health provides users with large and complex longitudinal data sets. Below is a list of resources available to Add Health researchers to aid in understanding the study design, data, and how to analyze the data.

Study Design

Documentation detailing the study design of each wave of data collection, including sampling and fieldwork information.

User Guides

Detailed guides to assist researchers with understanding the data sets and performing unbiased analyses.


PDF codebooks for coding responses and documenting the layout and code definitions of the data files.

Add Health Navigator

Metadata discovery tool to explore and create custom codebooks, as well as provide a wave to wave variable comparison for Waves I-V.

Add Health Codebook Explorer (ACE)

Interactive tool to browse questions by topic or search for questions by variable name, keyword, or phrase in order to discover the data collected during Waves I-IV by Add Health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse questions and answers pertaining to general information, field work, data sets and contracts.