September 12, 2018

Add Health releases new datasets

The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health (Add Health) is excited to announce the release of the following new datasets:

  • Wave V Sample 1: Data from Wave V Sample 1 respondents who completed the survey between March 2016 and March 2017. This file is a partial release of data from 3,872 of the Wave V Sample 1 respondents.
  • Add Health Parent Study (2015-2017): The parent data files contain social, demographic, behavioral, and health data collected in 2015-2017 on a probability sample of Add Health parents who were originally interviewed in 1995 during Wave I.
  • Polygenic Scores: Constructed polygenic scores (PGS) for 30 phenotypes are available for Add Health respondents who provided archival saliva samples for genetic testing at Wave IV.
  • Ambient Air Pollutants Data: These files include 365 daily exposure estimates of ambient air pollutants (individual pollutants/particulate matter/gases) for each Add Health study participant in Wave IV.
  • Wave III Academic Transcript Social Studies and Civic Coursework (ATRCVC) Data: The Wave III ATRCVC data is a course-by-student-level file that includes academic transcript data related to social studies and civic coursework.
  • Wave IV Modified Retail Food Environment (mRFEI) Data: This file includes the mRFEI for each respondent based on their Wave IV residential location.

Codebooks can be downloaded online.  To request any of these new restricted-use datasets, current contract users can complete the order form.  New users will need to complete the Restricted-Use Data contract using the CPC Data Portal.

General questions about contracts? Check out our FAQs or email