July 22, 2016

ICPSR Research Paper Competition winners feature Add Health data

In a special edition of the ICPSR Bulletin, ICPSR announced that both winners of their 2016 Research Paper Competition used Add Health data in their analyses.

The winner of the Master’s competition, Brielle Bryan, found that adolescents whose fathers were recently incarcerated have more disadvantaged social networks. This means the adolescents feel isolated, have less friends, and are connected with more delinquent friends and less academically successful peers. Brielle is a doctoral student at Harvard University, and her paper is entitled “Parental Incarceration and Adolescent Social Network Disadvantage.”

Candace M. Evans, of McMurry University, won the Undergraduate competition for her paper entitled “The Moderating Effects of Race and Ethnicity on the Relationship between Body Image and Psychological Well-Being.” This paper showed that the link between body image and self-esteem differed depending on racial/ethnic group. For example, Latinas had lower self-esteem than whites and blacks when they felt they were underweight or overweight.

Read the official announcement and access the full papers on ICPSR’s website.  Information on entering the 2017 competition is also available.

You may also download the Add Health public use data from ICPSR.