February 21, 2023

New Data Release from Add Health

The following data are now available to Add Health contract researchers. 

Historical Neighborhood Redlining
This contextual database allows researchers to identify potential long-term consequences of redlining for contemporary inequities in neighborhood environments, and individual health and socioeconomic attainment over the life course. N=20,706

Waves III – V Multi-year Air Pollution Exposure Estimates
The air pollution data described here provide longer-term estimates of air pollution exposure that can be used to address a broad range of research questions related to how air pollution exposure over time may relate to a variety of health outcomes. N=20,745

This datafile has special requirements for access, please see requirements listed on the CPC Data Portal.

Waves I & II School Desegregation Disparities
This file contains data on the levels of school racial segregation experienced by Add Health respondents during their school-age years, related school district characteristics, and measures of tract-level residential segregation present in adulthood (Waves III-V). N=84,166

Wave V Birth Records Database
The Add Health Birth Records Database describes the birth event of Add Health sample members (AHSMs) born between 1974 and 1983. This database was constructed using birth certificate information and birth data of AHSMs reported by AHSMs and their parents. The Birth Records Database represents a subset of the larger Add Health study sample and is composed of AHSMs consenting to Add Health’s use of their birth record data and born in states with agreements to make birth record data available to Add Health. N=2,391 Current Add Health investigators can log in to the CPC Data Portal and use the “Request More Data” button to order this dataset. 

For more information on the CPC Data Portal, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page