May 12, 2023

SOGI-SES Data Released

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The following data are now available to Add Health contract researchers.

Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity, Socioeconomic Status, and Health across the Life Course (SOGI-SES)

This file contains new survey data to support exploration of the relationships among sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, romantic and sexual behaviors, socioeconomic status, and health. It contains social, demographic, behavioral, and health data collected in 2020-2021 on a sample of Add Health Wave V participants. N=2,614

Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity, Socioeconomic Status, and Health across the Life Course (SOGI-SES) – Sensitive

This file contains the SOGI-SES study’s sensitive data variables related to gender identity, in vitro fertilization, and HIV status. N=2,614

This datafile has special requirements for access, please see requirements listed on the CPC Data Portal.

Some additional information: The SOGI-SES study sample is comprised of sexual and gender minorities and a comparison sample of people identifying as cisgender and heterosexual. Variables also include information about romantic partners, family formation, COVID-19, mental health, perceived discrimination, major life discrimination, economics and intergenerational transfers, parental acceptance, sexual behavior, as well as household and child rosters. Variables identified as sensitive are available in the SOGI-SES – Sensitive data file. 

Note the SOGI-SES Survey is publicly available on the Add health website under Documentation.

Current Add Health investigators can log in to the CPC Data Portal and use the “Request More Data” button to order this dataset.

For more information on the CPC Data Portal, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.