What We’ve Learned from Add Health Genetic Data


Wedow, Robbee & Harris, Kathleen Mullan (2022). What We've Learned from Add Health Genetic Data. 2022 Add Health Users Conference. Chapel Hill, NC.


Since the released of the genotyped data in the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health, scholars have used this dataset in conjunction with other datasets to gain much understanding about the genetic underpinnings of complex social and behavioral outcomes. In this presentation, I will highlight what these important findings have been, using both my own work and the work of others in the field. I will focus a bit on the technical aspects of the data itself, and then will focus substantively on educational attainment, smoking and drinking behaviors, risk-taking behavior, same-sex sexual behavior, social mobility, and insights gained by using the sibling data in conjunction with the genetic data. I will also focus on new work examining the obesogenic environment as participants age into the new Wave V measurement period. In sum, this presentation will demonstrate how important the Add Health genetic data has been for our understanding of sociogenomics and gene-environment interplay.





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Conference proceeding

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2022 Add Health Users Conference


Wedow, Robbee
Harris, Kathleen Mullan

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Chapel Hill, NC

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