Family and community influences on adolescent and young adult development


Gordon, Mellissa (2013). Family and community influences on adolescent and young adult development.


There is inconsistency in the current literature regarding the association between parenting behaviors and educational attainment for adolescents. Further, current studies are limited in that they do not address macro-level community influences on educational attainment. Such studies are also less inclined to extend such associations into young adulthood. In this study, the effects of four parenting behaviors–parental involvement, parental warmth, parental expectations, and parental monitoring – on educational attainment in adolescence and in young adulthood were examined. Further, the effects of community poverty on adolescents’ educational attainment were explored. Findings were also extended to young adulthood. Using a large, nationally representative, and longitudinal sample, results from regression analyses suggested that all four parenting behaviors had a significant effect on adolescents’ and young adults’ educational attainment. There were also several other individual level factors that influenced these associations. Further, results from hierarchical linear modeling analyses suggested a significant association between community poverty and educational attainment among adolescents and young adults. Finally, several interactions between individual - level factors and community poverty were found. Implications of the findings are discussed.


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Department of Family and Child Sciences


Gordon, Mellissa

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