Educational gap between the Hispanic community and other communities


Barajas, Antonio (2014). Educational gap between the Hispanic community and other communities. 2014 Georgia College Student Research Conference. Georgia College.


This report provides an educational approach to some of the reasons that explain the educational gap between Latinos/Hispanics and other races. Utilizing Data from wave III of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (add health) and an Ordinary Least Square regression containing several variables which may help explain the causation of this gap. The report analyzes some of the reasons which have helped developed the gap. Compared to white students, Hispanic students graduate at a much lower rate from college. The gap has narrowed in the last decades but it has done so at a relatively slow rate. The results indicate that the percentage of Latinos graduating from college is lower than those of Caucasian, African Americans, and Asian Americans. Please note that the term Latino and Hispanic is used interchangeably and they both refer to students who speak Spanish and identify themselves as Latinos.


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Conference proceeding

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2014 Georgia College Student Research Conference


Barajas, Antonio

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Georgia College

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