Expanding the Balance Perspective to Offending Versatility


Pheasant, Benjamin (2019). Expanding the Balance Perspective to Offending Versatility.


The balance perspective advocates for scholars to consider peer influence as both reciprocal and relative, asserting that adolescents will alter their behavior when there is an imbalance in delinquency with a peer. McGloin (2009) found support for balance when applied to frequency of offending. There is reason to suspect that this drive for behavioral homeostasis should emerge with regard to the versatility/specialization profile of an adolescent’s offending profile, as well. This study tests whether this balance perspective indeed applies to the qualitative nature of offending. Specifically, it uses the AddHealth data to explore whether adolescent alter their offending versatility to achieve behavioral “balance” with a best friend.

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Conference paper

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American Society of Criminology Annual Conference


Pheasant, Benjamin

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San Francisco, CA

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