The depths of despair among US adults entering midlife


Gaydosh, Lauren; Hummer, Robert A.; Hargrove, Taylor W.; Halpern, Carolyn T.; Hussey, Jon M.; Whitsel, Eric A.; Dole, Nancy; & Harris, Kathleen Mullan (2019). The depths of despair among US adults entering midlife. American Journal of Public Health. vol. 109 (5) pp. 774-780


Objectives-To test whether indicators of despair are rising among US adults as they age toward midlife and whether this rise is concentrated among low-educated Whites and in rural areas. Methods-We used data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health, a nationally representative study of US adolescents in 1994. Our sample was restricted to individuals who participated in 1 or more of 5 waves (1994-2017) and self-identified as non-Hispanic White, non-Hispanic Black, or Hispanic (n=18,446). We examined change in indicators of despair from adolescence to adulthood using multilevel regression analysis, testing for differences by race/ethnicity, education, and rurality. Results. We found evidence of rising despair among this cohort over the past decade. This increase was not restricted to low-educated Whites or to rural areas. Conclusions. Results suggest that generally rising despair among the young adult cohort now reaching midlife that cuts across racial/ethnic, educational, and geographic groups may presage rising midlife mortality for these subgroups in the next decade.


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Journal Article

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American Journal of Public Health


Gaydosh, Lauren
Hummer, Robert A.
Hargrove, Taylor W.
Halpern, Carolyn T.
Hussey, Jon M.
Whitsel, Eric A.
Dole, Nancy
Harris, Kathleen Mullan

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April 10, 2019



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