Longitudinal predictors of disordered eating among US Latina young adults


Liechty, Janet M.; Lee, Meng-Jung; Pineros-Leano, Maria F.; & Saltzman, Jaclyn A. (2014). Longitudinal predictors of disordered eating among US Latina young adults. 2014 Add Health Users Conference. Bethesda, MD.


We examined psychosocial risk factors for disordered eating among US Latinas from adolescence to young adulthood. The National Comorbidity Survey shows that Latino youth have higher rates of binge eating disorder and bulimia than other race/ethnic groups. Risk factors may differ for Latinas but this has not been examined at the population level. We used Waves 1 and 3 of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (n=20,745). Participants (n=7556) were Latina (n=1172), White (n=3963), African American (n=1725), and Asian (n=513) females enrolled in grades 7-12 in 1994-95 at W1 who were followed for 7 years. Latina young adults had the highest prevalence of unsafe weight control (7.3%) and binge eating (5.5%). Lifetime prevalence of ED diagnosis, assessed in young adulthood, was 2.1% among Latinas compared to Whites, Asians, and Blacks (5.0%, 1.8%, 1.4%). Adjusting for background demographics, multivariate logistic regression found that binge eating was predicted by adolescent depression among Latinas (OR=3.27, CI=1.45-7.36, p<.001) and Whites (OR=2.27, CI=1.32-3.88, p=.003). Unsafe weight control in young adulthood was predicted by early dieting among Latinas (OR=3.12, CI=1.41-6.89, p=.005) and Whites (OR=1.58, CI=1.01-2.48, p=.044). Lifetime prevalence of ED diagnosis was predicted by early dieting among Latinas only (OR=15.99, CI=3.55-71.85, p<.0001). Prevalence of disordered eating among Latina young adults is high, and risk factors vary by race/ethnicity.



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Conference proceeding

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2014 Add Health Users Conference


Liechty, Janet M.
Lee, Meng-Jung
Pineros-Leano, Maria F.
Saltzman, Jaclyn A.

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Bethesda, MD

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