Educational attitudes: Impacts of interracial friendship integration


Lehman, Brett (2010). Educational attitudes: Impacts of interracial friendship integration. 2010 Add Health Users Conference. Bethesda, MD.


This study focuses on high school students’ self-rating of their intelligence compared to peers and their expectations for attending college considering the influence of the racial diversity of a student’s friendship group. These variables come from responses to Sections 9 (self efficacy) and 38 (expectations) within the in-school survey. I will also utilize data from the friend-nominations as a measure of one’s friendship group. The theoretical background of the study acknowledges educational inequality between various racial groups that have advantages and disadvantages in society. It is emphasized that these inequalities arise from larger social inequalities rather than personal deficiencies of members of these groups. The main hypothesis for the present study is that these inequalities for blacks and Hispanics are less likely to exist when the students are members of a racially integrated friendship group where they are more likely to be exposed to a plurality of attitudes concerning the importance of intelligence and college. This relationship will be measured through multivariate regression analyses.


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Conference proceeding

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2010 Add Health Users Conference


Lehman, Brett

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Bethesda, MD

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