Resilience among neglected children through young adulthood: The impact of social networks


Beatriz, Elizabeth (2016). Resilience among neglected children through young adulthood: The impact of social networks. 2016 Add Health Users Conference. Bethesda, MD.


Background With nearly 80% of child victims of maltreatment reporting neglect, neglect is the most prevalent form of child maltreatment. In 2013 there were 539,576 substantiated or indicated reports of neglect in the U.S. Neglect has both short and long term consequences including psychiatric disorder, drug use, suicidality, risk-taking behavior, poor health status, violent behavior, delinquency and criminality. However, many are resilient to such adverse outcomes. Recent studies have begun to identify factors associated with resilience. Social support by friends and family has been shown to be a protective factor for a range of outcomes, but has not been extensively studied in regards to the impact of child neglect. Purpose This study will identify individual-level predictors of resilience among neglected children as they grow into adulthood, with a particular emphasis on the protective impact of peer social relationships and networks. Method Using the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health data from Waves I through IV, I will identify trajectories of depressive symptoms of the 411 participants whose parents or adult caregivers did not meet their basic needs before 6th grade and the 1,536 whose parents or other adult caregivers left them alone when an adult should have been with them. By focusing on depressive symptoms as a specific domain of resilience, I will discuss correlations between these trajectory types and the quantity and strength of peer social relationships. Conclusion The findings of this research will greatly add to the field of child maltreatment. By adding to the understanding of the mechanisms of how individuals who were neglected in childhood are able to avoid adverse outcomes through the life course, these findings can inform childhood neglect treatment and policy.


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2016 Add Health Users Conference


Beatriz, Elizabeth

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Bethesda, MD

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