Long-term impacts of substance use at first sexual encounter


Underwood, Sarah E. & Loux, T. (2016). Long-term impacts of substance use at first sexual encounter. 2016 Add Health Users Conference. Bethesda, MD.


Early sexual activity has been linked to a variety of other high-risk activities and outcomes including likelihood of sexually transmitted infections, higher rates of early childbirth, risky sexual behavior, substance use and abuse, and poor academic behavior. Although early sexual activity is linked to substance use and abuse, little research exists investigating substance use during the first sexual encounter. In researching the impacts of substance use during first sexual encounter, the researchers hypothesize that those youth using substances, and especially those who self-identify as drunk or high during first sexual encounter, will be more likely to have early childbirth, engage in other high-risk activities, have more unstable relationships overall. This study will use The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health dataset. Propensity score matching will be utilized to match those sober during first sexual encounter with those intoxicated during first sexual encounter. Primary dependent variables will include number of marriages, pregnancies, and divorces, high-risk sexual behaviors, and other lifestyle outcomes across the later lifespan. This study will provide insight into the long term effects of intoxicated sexual encounters on relationship and sexual behavior into adulthood. It serves to inform important sectors of practice by detailing the impacts of not only early-sex, but how substance use is related to sexual behaviors more directly.



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Conference proceeding

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2016 Add Health Users Conference


Underwood, Sarah E.
Loux, T.

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Bethesda, MD

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