Are sibling estimates admissible evidence for the consequences of teenage childbearing?


Maness, Sarah; Daley, Ellen M.; Baldwin, Julie; Kromrey, Jeffrey D.; & Buhi, Eric R. (2016). Are sibling estimates admissible evidence for the consequences of teenage childbearing?. 2016 Add Health Users Conference. Bethesda, MD.


Although rates of adolescent pregnancy are at a historic low in the United States, racial and geographic disparities exist. Examining relationships between the social determinants of health (SDoH) and adolescent pregnancy can help guide funding and policy, as well as improve interventions. This study analyzed data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health to assess empirical relationships between SDoH and adolescent pregnancy. Bivariate tests and logistic regression were employed to examine the relationship between each area of SDoH, according to the Healthy People 2020 Social Determinants of Health Framework and adolescent pregnancy. Results indicated a relationship between 6 of 17 measures of SDoH and adolescent pregnancy. Significant areas included feeling close to others at school, receipt of high school diploma, enrollment in higher education, participation in volunteering or community service, litter or trash in the neighborhood environment, and living in a two-parent home. These results can help to guide future research as well as provide support for future funding and interventions that incorporate elements of SDoH that have associations with adolescent pregnancy.


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Conference proceeding

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2016 Add Health Users Conference


Maness, Sarah
Daley, Ellen M.
Baldwin, Julie
Kromrey, Jeffrey D.
Buhi, Eric R.

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Bethesda, MD

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