Longitudinal effects of growing up with a nonresident father


Scott, Mindy E.; Steward-Streng, Nicole R.; Barry, Megan; & Goldscheider, Frances (2012). Longitudinal effects of growing up with a nonresident father. 2012 Add Health Users Conference. Bethesda, MD.


Prior research shows that children with nonresident fathers experience lower well-being compared to children with resident fathers. However, this body of research mainly focuses on childhood or adolescent well-being. Using a sample of offspring from Waves I, III and IV of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, we extend current research by examining trajectories of offspring well-being from adolescence into adulthood. We measure offspring’s depressive symptoms and problem drinking during adolescence, young adulthood and early adulthood, and use growth curve models to examine whether differences between growing up with a nonresident father versus a resident father persist over time. We also examine whether these differences vary based on the length of time spent without a father in the household, and for sons versus daughters. Preliminary results show that offspring with nonresident fathers start off with higher levels of problem drinking and depressive symptoms compared to those with resident fathers. Offspring that never lived with their father, or whose fathers had been absent from the household longer, have the highest levels of adolescent problem drinking and depressive symptoms. Interestingly, offspring who never lived with their father had the lowest levels of problem drinking in Wave IV, but continued to have higher levels of depression compared to offspring with resident fathers and offspring that lived with their nonresident father at some point.



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Conference proceeding

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2012 Add Health Users Conference


Scott, Mindy E.
Steward-Streng, Nicole R.
Barry, Megan
Goldscheider, Frances

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Bethesda, MD

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