Romantic partners, peers, and drinking: Selection and influence mechanisms associated with drinking


Kennedy, David; de la Haye, Kayla; Green Jr, Harold; Pollard, Michael; Ewing, Brett; & Tucker, Joan S. (2012). Romantic partners, peers, and drinking: Selection and influence mechanisms associated with drinking. 2012 Add Health Users Conference. Bethesda, MD.


Peers are thought to be important determinants of adolescent drinking and are often the focus of studies of drinking initiation and escalation. However, romantic partners are also important influences on health behavior of adolescents but have not received as much attention as non-romantic peers. Few studies have examined or accounted for the role of drinking in friendship selection, especially among romantic relationships, and few have examined the co-evolution of romantic and non-romantic selection and influence and drinking behavior. This study will analyze relationship data from the Add Health in-home Waves I and II interviews for respondents from the two largest schools with saturated samples (i.e. each member of the school was included in the sampling frame). We will apply stochastic actor-based models for social networks to test the contribution of selection and influence to associations for romantic and non-romantic peers to drinking behavior. We will examine the role of drinking on romantic partner selection controlling for non-romantic peer network structure. We will also examine the influence of romantic partner drinking/non-drinking on change in drinking behavior between waves I and II. We will analyze data using the RSienna program.


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Conference proceeding

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2012 Add Health Users Conference


Kennedy, David
de la Haye, Kayla
Green Jr, Harold
Pollard, Michael
Ewing, Brett
Tucker, Joan S.

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Bethesda, MD

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