Examining the Sleep and Victimization Relationship


Tomlinson, Tiffaney; Turanovic, Jillian; & Mears, Daniel P. (2019). Examining the Sleep and Victimization Relationship.


Studies have found that adolescents with distorted sleep suffer from adverse health and behavioral problems, including impaired cognitive functioning, which may increase the likelihood of risk-taking behaviors. Drawing on risky lifestyle theory, this study seeks to contribute to research and scholarship on the sources of victimization. Using data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health (Add Health), we examine whether poor sleep is associated with violent victimization. We also explore what might explain any association that may exist.

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Conference paper

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American Socicety of Criminology


Tomlinson, Tiffaney
Turanovic, Jillian
Mears, Daniel P.

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San Francisco, CA

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