Gender differences in suicidal behavior in adolescents and young adults: systematic review and meta-analysis of longitudinal studies


Miranda-Mendizabal, Andrea; Castellví, Pere; Parés-Badell, Oleguer; Alayo, Itxaso; Almenara, José; Alonso, Iciar; Blasco, Maria Jesús; Cebrià, Annabel; Gabilondo, Andrea; & Gili, Margalida, et al. (2019). Gender differences in suicidal behavior in adolescents and young adults: systematic review and meta-analysis of longitudinal studies. International journal of public health. vol. 64 (2) pp. 265-283


OBJECTIVES: To assess the association between gender and suicide attempt/death and identify gender-specific risk/protective factors in adolescents/young adults. METHODS: Systematic review (5 databases until January 2017). Population-based longitudinal studies considering non-clinical populations, aged 12-26 years, assessing associations between gender and suicide attempts/death, or evaluating their gender risk/protective factors, were included. Random effect meta-analyses were performed. RESULTS: Sixty-seven studies were included. Females presented higher risk of suicide attempt (OR 1.96, 95% CI 1.54-2.50), and males for suicide death (HR 2.50, 95% CI 1.8-3.6). Common risk factors of suicidal behaviors for both genders are previous mental or substance abuse disorder and exposure to interpersonal violence. Female-specific risk factors for suicide attempts are eating disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, being victim of dating violence, depressive symptoms, interpersonal problems and previous abortion. Male-specific risk factors for suicide attempt are disruptive behavior/conduct problems, hopelessness, parental separation/divorce, friend's suicidal behavior, and access to means. Male-specific risk factors for suicide death are drug abuse, externalizing disorders, and access to means. For females, no risk factors for suicide death were studied. CONCLUSIONS: More evidence about female-specific risk/protective factors of suicide death, for adolescent/young adults, is needed.



30635683[pmid] PMC6439147[pmcid] 10.1007/s00038-018-1196-1[PII] Int J Public Health

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Journal Article

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International journal of public health


Miranda-Mendizabal, Andrea
Castellví, Pere
Parés-Badell, Oleguer
Alayo, Itxaso
Almenara, José
Alonso, Iciar
Blasco, Maria Jesús
Cebrià, Annabel
Gabilondo, Andrea
Gili, Margalida
Lagares, Carolina
Piqueras, José Antonio
Rodríguez-Jiménez, Tiscar
Rodríguez-Marín, Jesús
Roca, Miquel
Soto-Sanz, Victoria
Vilagut, Gemma
Alonso, Jordi

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January 12, 2019


1661-8564 1661-8556



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