Linking learning disabilities with long-term mental health


Berghoff, Ashley; Tipton, Meaghan; & Williams, Amanda L. (2019). Linking learning disabilities with long-term mental health. Southeastern Council on Family Relations Conference. Bonville, Arkansas.


The challenges associated with having a learning disability have been found to persist throughout the life course. A healthy sense of self, as well as family support, are pivotal factors that shape outcomes for youth with learning disabilities. Using data from 8,915 participations in the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health, the present study identified longitudinal links between adolescent learning disabilities and depressive symptoms during adolescence and young adulthood. Mother-adolescent relationships emerged as an important protective factor. Latent growth models are underway to determine whether adolescent human agency mediates the link between learning disabilities and mental health.



Adolescence, Learning Disability, Mental Health

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Conference proceeding

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Southeastern Council on Family Relations Conference


Berghoff, Ashley
Tipton, Meaghan
Williams, Amanda L.

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Bonville, Arkansas

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