Skin cancer risk behaviors among US men: The role of sexual orientation


Blashill, Aaron J. & Safren, Steven A. (2014). Skin cancer risk behaviors among US men: The role of sexual orientation. American Journal of Public Health. vol. 104 (9) pp. 1640-1641


The current study assessed skin cancer risk behaviors by sexual orientation in a nationally representative prospective sample of US men (n = 1767), sampled at ages 16 and 29 years. At age 16 years, sexual minority men were 3.9 times as likely as heterosexual men to indoor tan. Participants did not significantly differ in the use of sunscreen or the frequency of outdoor tanning. Thus, sexual minority men might be an at-risk group for developing skin cancers because of their indoor tanning behaviors.



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American Journal of Public Health


Blashill, Aaron J.
Safren, Steven A.

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