Understanding the determinants of adolescent fertility attitudes


Hayford, Sarah R.; Guzzo, Karen B.; & Kusnoki, Yasamin (2018). Understanding the determinants of adolescent fertility attitudes. Annual Meeting of the Population Association of America. Denver, CO.


Adolescent attitudes toward pregnancy and childbearing predict fertility outcomes, even net of explicit intentions to have children. Although most young women express negative attitudes about early childbearing, a small but sizeable group have more positive outlooks, and this variation is patterned by race-ethnicity and socioeconomic status. However, the determinants of fertility attitudes are not well-understood. In particular, it is not clear whether attitudes reflect specific evaluations of the consequences of pregnancy – in which case they would be expected to change as individual circumstances change – or more stable values about pregnancy and parenting. This paper uses longitudinal data from two surveys that measure fertility attitudes in adolescence and early adulthood, the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health (Add Health) and the Relationship Dynamics and Social Life study (RDSL). We estimate hybrid (between-within) regression models to evaluate the role of fixed- and time-varying characteristics in predicting pregnancy attitudes.




fertility attitudes pregnancy attitudes pregnancy

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Conference proceeding

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Annual Meeting of the Population Association of America

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Fertility intentions: Causes and consequences


Hayford, Sarah R.
Guzzo, Karen B.
Kusnoki, Yasamin

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Denver, CO

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