Disordered eating behaviors and cardiometabolic risk among young adults with overweight or obesity


Nagata, Jason M.; Garber, Andrea K.; Tabler, Jennifer L.; Murray, Stuart B.; Vittinghoff, Eric; & Bibbins-Domingo, Kirsten (2018). Disordered eating behaviors and cardiometabolic risk among young adults with overweight or obesity. International Journal of Eating Disorders. vol. 51 (8) pp. 931-941


Objective To determine if unhealthy weight control behaviors or binge-eating behaviors among young adults with overweight/obesity are associated with body mass index (BMI) change and cardiometabolic risk at 7-year follow-up. Methods We used longitudinal cohort data from 5,552 young adults with overweight/obesity at baseline (18?24?years) with 7-year follow-up (24?32?years) from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health. Baseline predictors were: (a) unhealthy weight control behaviors such as vomiting, fasting, skipping meals, or laxative/diuretic use to lose weight; or (b) binge-eating behaviors. Participants reporting either unhealthy weight control behaviors or binge-eating behaviors were considered to engage in any disordered eating behavior (DEB). Outcomes at 7-year follow-up were BMI change, incident diabetes, incident hypertension, and incident hyperlipidemia. Results Young adults with overweight/obesity reporting unhealthy weight control behaviors at baseline had higher BMI and weight at 7-year follow-up than those without unhealthy weight control behaviors. In regression models adjusting for baseline BMI, race/ethnicity, age, and education, unhealthy weight control behaviors were associated with greater change in BMI in both sexes and binge-eating behavior at baseline was associated with greater odds of incident hyperlipidemia (odds ratio 1.90, 95% CI 1.29?2.79) at 7-year follow-up in males. Conclusions The higher risk for increased BMI (in both males and females) and incident hyperlipidemia (in males) over time in young adults with overweight/obesity who engage in DEBs underscores the need to screen for DEBs in this population and provide referrals and tailored interventions as appropriate.




body mass index eating behaviors hyperlipidemia obesity overweight young adult

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Journal Article

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International Journal of Eating Disorders


Nagata, Jason M.
Garber, Andrea K.
Tabler, Jennifer L.
Murray, Stuart B.
Vittinghoff, Eric
Bibbins-Domingo, Kirsten

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July 21, 2018



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