School socioeconomic segregation, family socioeconomic status, and violence


Pinchak, Nicolo P. & Swisher, Raymond R. (2018). School socioeconomic segregation, family socioeconomic status, and violence. 2018 Add Health Users Conference. Bethesda, MD.


Research regarding school socioeconomic desegregation suggests mixed effects. While school socioeconomic composition (SEC) has been found to be associated with increased odds of high school graduation and college attendance, evidence for "frog pond” effects suggests risks for students of low socioeconomic status (SES) backgrounds in high SEC schools. More holistic examinations of how family SES and school SEC interact are scarce, as are considerations of non-academic outcomes of school environments. Thus, drawing on insights from the school desegregation literature, the school effects literature, and the adolescent delinquency literature, this study examines the relationship between family socioeconomic status (measured as parents' education), school socioeconomic composition (measured as the proportion of youth in a high school with a college-educated parent), and violence perpetration during adolescence. To do so, we use three-level multilevel logit and count models accounting for school-, neighborhood-, and individual-level covariates. We stratify our models by low (less than high school), middle (less than college), and high (college+) levels of parental education, and classify high- and low-SEC schools as being one standard deviation above and below the mean proportion of students with a college educated parent across schools (with models always referencing the respective SEC category; e.g., low parental education respondents in low SEC schools). Where significant SEC effects are found, we further test the results using propensity score weights which account for selection into SEC category.

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Conference proceeding

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2018 Add Health Users Conference


Pinchak, Nicolo P.
Swisher, Raymond R.

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Bethesda, MD

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