“Oh Brother Where Art Thou?” An Examination of Family Leisure, Sibling Relationships, and Physical Health


Hodge, C. J.; Kanters, M.; Bocarro, J.; Henderson, K.; & Parcel, T. (2014). "Oh Brother Where Art Thou?" An Examination of Family Leisure, Sibling Relationships, and Physical Health.


Sibling relationships have been overshadowed in family leisure research by other close family relationships. Yet, most people in the United States have at least one sibling and sibling relationships are likely to be the longest - lasting and most stable across the lifespan. Previous research has shown family leisure to be positively related to family outcomes such as family functioning and satisfaction with family life . These conclusions, however, are based almost exclusively on examinations of parent – child relationships. Likewise, much of family leisure research has been limited to cross - sectional and individual level analyses. Scholars have called for longitudinal study designs and models accounting for family grouping effects.



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Parks, Rec and Tourism Mgmt


Hodge, C. J.
Kanters, M.
Bocarro, J.
Henderson, K.
Parcel, T.

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Doctor of Philosophy


NC State University

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NC State University

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