School Connectedness and E-cigarette Susceptibility/ Ever Use in Texas 6th-Grade Students


Springer, Andrew E.; Mantey, Dale S.; Omega-Njemnobi, Onyinye; Ruiz, Felisa; Attri, Sarina; Chen, Baojiang; Marshall, Allison; & Kelder, Steven H. (2022). School Connectedness and E-cigarette Susceptibility/ Ever Use in Texas 6th-Grade Students. American Journal of Health Behavior. vol. 46 (6) pp. 673-682


Objectives: We examined the association between school connectedness (SC) and e-cigarette susceptibility/ ever use in a diverse sample of Texas 6th graders, with a secondary aim to explore the association stratified by gender and classroom setting (in-person vs remote). Methods: A cross-sectional analysis was conducted of CATCH My Breath baseline data, representing 985 6th graders from 21 public schools. SC was based on National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health measures; e-cigarette susceptibility/ever use was based on the FDA's definition of "at-risk" for long-term use. We conducted multi-level logistic regression analyses. Results: Over half the sample was Hispanic (57.6%), with 36.2% reporting susceptibility/ever use. Lower SC was associated with increased odds of e-cigarette susceptibility/ever use (low SC: aOR: 5.17, 95% CI: 3.54, 7.55; medium SC: aOR: 2.15, 95% CI: 1.44, 2.91; high SC= referent). The association held across gender groups, with low SC girls reporting the highest odds of susceptibility/ever use (aOR: 7.83, 95% CI: 4.51, 13.61). Low SC in- person and remote students were 6 and 4 times, respectively, more likely to report susceptibility/ever use as high SC students (p<.05). Conclusion: SC protected against e-cigarette susceptibility/ever use in this sample.




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Journal Article

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American Journal of Health Behavior


Springer, Andrew E.
Mantey, Dale S.
Omega-Njemnobi, Onyinye
Ruiz, Felisa
Attri, Sarina
Chen, Baojiang
Marshall, Allison
Kelder, Steven H.

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