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Data Released (November 19, 2020)

Wave V Mover Distance

The dataset provides the distance, in meters, between each respondent’s home residence in each of the previous waves and their Wave V residence.

Data Released (August 16, 2020)

Wave V Demographics – Home Exam

This file contains various demographic variables in regards to the Wave V home exam, including the date of the home exam, number of days between the Wave V survey and the home exam, the home exam completion status, as well as the respondent’s age, biological sex, pregnancy status, medication use and blood draw status.

Wave V Glucose Homeostasis

This file contains assay results of glucose and hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) based on venous blood collected via phlebotomy at the Wave V home exam. There are classifications for fasting glucose and non-fasting glucose, as well as an HbA1C classification. Other variables included are flags based on a self-reported diabetes medical history, anti-diabetic medication use, and a diabetes joint classification variable.

Wave V Lipids

This file contains constructed measures designed to facilitate analysis and interpretation of lipids results based on venous blood collected via phlebotomy at the Wave V home exam. In addition to the lipid assay results, there are classifications according to both the NCEP/ATP III and AHA/ACC guidelines, a flag for antihyperlipidemic medication use, and two hyperlipidemia joint classification variables.

Wave V Renal Function

This file contains constructed measures designed to facilitate analysis and interpretation of renal function based on venous blood collected via phlebotomy at the Wave V home exam. Assay results for creatinine and cystatin-c are available, as well as three different estimations of the glomerular filtration rate (GFR) using either the creatinine concentration, the cystatin C concentration or both concentrations. Classifications according to both clinical and KDIGO guidelines are available as well.

Wave V Inflammation and Immune Function

This file contains constructed measures designed to facilitate analysis and interpretation of inflammation and immune function based on venous blood collected via phlebotomy at the Wave V home exam. In addition to the assay results for high sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP), there is an AHA/CDC classification, counts of subclinical symptoms and common infectious or inflammatory diseases, and various anti-inflammatory medication use flags.

Wave V Biomarker Weight

This file contains the Wave V biomarker sample weight.

Wave V Sample 2B

Sample S2B is part of the Wave V survey. S2B was administered 2 June 2017-8 July 2018. While most variables were released in December 2019 as Wave V data, two sections were not. These specifically S2B cases are a representative sample (asked of everyone in the sample). Web survey content for the other samples (1, 2A, 3) were edited mid-data collection and not all respondents in each sample had the opportunity to answer the questions.

Wave V Constructed Age

The Wave V survey did not ask respondent age though it is possible to calculate age using interview date and date of birth. For deductive disclosure reasons complete interview dates and dates of birth were collected but not released. To provide calculated ages two variables have been constructed based on complete interview dates and date of birth month/year and 15 as a universal assigned day of birth.

Wave IV Polygenic Scores – Release 2

Seventy-four constructed polygenic scores (PGSs) are available for Add Health respondents who provided archival saliva samples for genetic testing at Wave IV. Scores are available for various anthropomorphic, health, and behavioral outcomes. See the documentation for a list of all PGSs.

Data Released (February 7, 2020)

Wave V Medications-Home Exam

This file provides the therapeutic classification codes, as well as numerous medication flag variables, to identify the types of medications taken by respondents for medications (both prescription and over-the-counter) reported at the Wave V Home Exam.

Wave V Anthropometric Measures

This file contains anthropometric variables constructed from the measurements taken at the Wave V Home Exam. The measurements include arm circumference, height, weight and waist circumference. The file also contains BMI, as well as classification variables for BMI and waist circumference.

Wave V Cardiovascular Data

This file contains cardiovascular measures constructed from the three serial measurements of blood pressure and pulse rate collected at the Wave V Home Exam. The measures include systolic and diastolic blood pressure, pulse rate, pulse pressure and mean arterial pressure. Other variables included in the file are two classifications of blood pressure, flags based on self-reported medical history, an antihypertensive medication flag and a joint classification variable.

Wave I, II, III, IV & V Grouping Data

These location identifiers are based on 2010 Census geographic boundaries and are longitudinally consistent across all waves. Previous Add Health waves released location identifiers based on the most recent Census for that wave, and are therefore not comparable through time. These identifiers are based on Census block group FIPS codes.

Constructed SES Variables

These data include variables for social origins measured from information about their families collected from Add Health participants’ parents at the Wave I interview, social attainments measured from their occupations reported on the Wave IV survey, and neighborhood-level socioeconomic disadvantage using Census-tract-level data linked to Add Health participants’ addresses from Wave I and Wave IV.

Wave IV Constructed Current Relationship Status

This dataset contains variables that describe the current relationship each respondent had by Wave IV.

Wave I School District Data

The SCHDESG1 data file contains measures of average per-pupil spending during school-age years, the average racial school segregation during school-age years, and the number of school-age years of exposure to desegregation court orders or release of them (if applicable) for Add Health respondent residence a5 Wave I, as measured by U.S. Census block groups mapped to 1969 school boundaries.