August 13, 2010

Add Health 2010 Users Conference Materials and Methodology Presentations Now Available

On July 22-23, 2010, the ninth Add Health Users Conference took place in Bethesda, Maryland on the campus of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  Over 100 researchers who are working with Add Health data assembled to share research goals, experiences and results.  The conference agenda included over 50 presentations by investigators who are using Add Health data to conduct research in substantive areas spanning the social, behavioral and biological sciences.  In addition, methodology sessions provided in-depth information on the Add Health study design and the unique biomarker, genetic, geographic and relationship data that enhance this rich data set.  Conference materials and methodology presentations are available at the links below.

2010 Add Health Users Conference Materials



Participants and Research Information

2010 Add Health Users Conference Methodology Session Presentations

Overview of Add Health Study and Design

by Kathleen Mullan Harris

Access to Add Health Data at ICPSR

by Felicia LeClere
Biomarkers – Part 1
Biomarkers – Part 2
Biomarkers – Part 3

by Eric Whitsel

Relationship and Fertility Data: Wave IV

by Mariah Mantsun Cheng

ONEdata: Obesity & Neighborhood Environmental Data

by Misa Graff

Using Genetic Data in the Add Health Sample – Part A

Using Genetic Data in the Add Health Sample – Part B

by Andy Smolen

Add health Wave IV Non-response: Patterns of Wave-Specific Rates and Non-response Biases for the Full Weighted Sample

by Naomi Brownstein

Investigation of Ways of Handling Sampling Weights for Multilevel Model Analyses Using Add Health

by Tianji Cai