November 2, 2009

Add Health releases Wave IV interview data

Add Health is pleased to announce the release of the Wave IV in-home interview data. Wave IV was designed as the fourth comprehensive personal interview with the nationally-representative sample of adolescents first interviewed at Wave I in 1994 and 1995. Over 80% of original Wave I respondents participated in Wave IV data collection during 2007-2009, resulting in 15,701 completed Wave IV interviews. Add Health is now accepting requests for the Wave IV interview data from Add Health users with current restricted-use data contracts. Prospective contractual data users will be able to request the Wave IV data through an online contracting system beginning in January 2010.  For more information on how to access Add Health restricted-use data, see About Restricted-Use Contractual Data.  For more information on the Wave IV study design, visit the Add Health Wave IV design page.